First in our “INSPIRE” series is one of our favourite JJs -YSR Uncle. At 77, Uncle has consistently finished in the top 5 of his age category in almost all the events he has participated in.

“I’m YSR Kumar, fondly known in JJs as YSR Uncle. When I was around 74 years old, my son Darshan (known to JJs as DJ) asked me to join running. I thought he was joking, but he convinced me that me by virtue of me doing Yogasana , Pranayama, and lots of walking for the last 25 years, I am fit and healthy and so running was not beyond me.” When most people his age would be content to rest on their laurels, YSR Uncle strives to learn new things, which he says enriches his standard of life. His running journey began in late 2014.

“I’m thankful to Coach Pramod for the confidence he has in me and his willingness to train me. I am thankful to my family for supporting me in this life-enriching lively activity. Even when I was away in Canada to stay with my daughter, I religiously continued my running schedule for 4 months. I practice running like a student preparing for an exam.”

YSR Uncle’s personal best so far in a half marathon (21.1 kilometers) is 2 hrs and 23 minutes, and he has won several podiums, including 3rd place in his age category (70 and above) for running10 kilometers in 1hr and 5 minutes. This multi-generational running family often sports 4 bibs in races – his son (Darshan Jain known to JJs as DJ), grandson (Tanmai) as well as his daughter in law (Shree Jain) are all JJ runners.

“I have developed an intense passion for running and feel energized to run with youngsters in JJs. Regular training, faith in self and adhering to Coach’s schedule have brought about improvements in my performance. To sum up, I am happy to be a member of JJ’s running family. The cheerful presence of ever-active, spirited and smiling youngster bonds my strength and confidence. I hope God blesses me with the strength to run as long as I live. May JJ’s tribe increase!”