To understand the true power of JJs, it is best to meet Vani, one of our most cheerful and enthusiastic JJ.

At age 50 Vani was seeking deliverance from the dark cloud of having lost her husband, and father to her autistic daughter. Having been active in sports in school and college, she tried jogging, but found that she was unable to get beyond walking. Disappointed with her efforts with other running groups she had nearly given up, but made one last effort with JJs. Within 3 weeks she was walking briskly and at her 4th week, she found she was able to manage a jog-walk along with her daughter. At the end of the 7th week, they both completed a mock 10k run within the stipulated time.

She attributes this amazing change in her ability to a dedicated Coach Pramod, inspiration from DJ (Darshan Jain, a JJ catalyst) and the support from other JJs in encouraging her “and Preksha do what we thought was just impossible.”. She adds, “Although I run along with Preksha, I have recognized that she is faster than I am and am now pushing her to run with others, or run alone, ahead of me on long straight stretches”. From the inability to even walk a few kilometers, Vani and Preksha have run as far as 18 kilometers and are anticipating their first half marathon event in the near future as soon as they are confident that Preksha will enjoy the race day excitement.

This courageous single mother has been able to turn running with JJs into a celebratory opportunity to break free from the darkness they began from. Vani’s migraines have disappeared since she began to run, both mother and daughter have lost weight and feel fit. Preksha’s PCOD (a hormonal condition) has resolved itself fully. She adds, “From an anxious and reticent child struggling with the loss of her father, she is now social, open and is working at Exarcplus Pvt. Ltd, a JJ runner owned company that developed the JJs app ‘Onca Run’.”

Vani is an active volunteer with JJs and a vociferous advocate for running, while Preksha attends events and meetings, comfortable in the presence of her extended family of JJ runners.