A professional athlete can follow a path of single minded focus and dedication to a sport. JJs are everyday people who invoke the best of that kind of athletic mindset, while ALSO managing every day life and balancing the reality of daily responsibilities.

Amongst our most inspiring in this category are our Jaguarnis, our women runners and working mothers who are often leaders in multiple arenas, juggling immutable responsibilities at home and at work with running.

Sri Devi

Sri Devi exemplifies life balance in gracefully managing her sense of responsibility towards her husband who battles health issues and her 6 year old daughter who is showing her own athletic prowess at school events. In 2014 she started running for fitness, but it was not until she joined JJs in 2015 that she understood how to invest in it with strategy.

Her commitment is evidenced by her finishing 12.5k in the 2018 Bengaluru Ultra at 01:16 (1st place podium finish) in only 3 minutes more than she ran 10k in the 2015 TCS event. Her steady stream of personal best times are not surprising considering her commitment. As an example, when her husband was admitted to the hospital on Friday, Sri Devi couldn’t make the workout on Saturday, but managed to complete it after her husband was discharged on Sunday morning. Where others would give in or give up, she has learnt to make this sort of adjustment routine. She says, “Running is my therapy, I use it as a stress buster and it is part of my healing process”.

Her mother-in-law Kanthammal is the invisible hero who encourages her to squeeze in time for her running. Her work is based on U.K. timings and like many of us, she has to balance sleep as well. To make up for her 4.5 hrs of sleep before joining the JJ runs, she naps after the workouts.

She says, “The JJs structured training program helps me with my commitment. When there is a plan and a program towards a goal, and a strong community of JJ friends who motivate me, I am able to put in the dedication to showing up and completing my workouts”. With all her commitments, she was captain of her sub-group for one season in 2017.

“I love speed workouts the most because it tests me to the max. A draining workout is where one gets to understand one’s full potential”. Her young daughter is already showing her spirit by having declared that one side of the JJs medal hangar is for her medals and she expects to soon surpass her mother’s collection.