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About JJS

Jayanagar Jaguars (also called ‘JJs’) is one of the Oldest and Largest running groups in Bengaluru.

“Running for Healthy Living” is at the core of JJs Vision. Our Mission is to provide “Running for all” with structured, scientific training at affordable costs.

This is made possible by Jayanagar Jaguars tried and tested structured training programs for each ability level – from beginners to experienced marathoners and ultra-runners. This is under the experienced guidance of Coach Pramod and a team of dedicated Captains and Location Leaders.

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A professional athlete can follow a path of single minded focus and dedication to a sport. JJs are everyday people who invoke the best of that kind of athletic ...

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YSR Kumar

First in our “INSPIRE” series is one of our favourite JJs -YSR Uncle. At 77, Uncle has consistently finished in the top 5 of his age category in almost all...



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